About The Alderman

Alderman Bob Fioretti was first elected to the Chicago City Council by the residents of the Second Ward in 2007.  He was re-elected to his second term in 2011.

The ward covers a number of communities in the city from Sacramento Street on the west side, through parts of the Taylor Street area, the west loop, the downtown central business district, the south loop and south through Bronzeville to 37th Street. He presently serves on the following committees of the Chicago City Council: Environmental Protection & Public Utilities, Health, License & Consumer Protection, Transportation and Public Way, Rules & Ethics, and Special Events.

Since taking office, Alderman Fioretti has prioritized education, job creation and public safety in his legislative agenda.

Alderman Fioretti has made a focused effort to improve the Chicago Public School system, working closely with administrators to solve issues both in and out of the classroom. He helped to create “Operation Safe Passage,” an initiative designed to protect students on the way to and from school that coordinated the resources of the Chicago Police Department, the CTA, local faith-based institutions and families.

Alderman Fioretti has stressed the need to provide more high quality neighborhood school programs, and to make the new schools available to the families in the neighborhood in which they are located. With a strong neighborhood base, he believes that the students will benefit by traveling shorter distances, and the schools will benefit by integrating into their neighborhoods. He believes that the new neighborhoods which are generating TIF funds, like the South and West Loop areas, can become even greater economic generators and better neighborhoods for the City, if a portion of these TIF funds continue to be used to build needed infrastructure like new schools, parks and other facilities that these new communities need. This will keep families in the City, and will result in benefits for the entire City.  He used TIF funds to build a New Jones College Prep High School downtown.

Bob has been successful in creating and preserving jobs in Chicago. He supported the relocation of the United Airlines headquarters, bringing approximately 2,500 jobs from Elk Grove Village to Chicago. Fioretti also led the effort to renovate and expand the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to keep the world’s largest futures and options exchange as an anchor of Chicago’s financial district.  Alderman Fioretti was a strong advocate for the expansion of the state-of-the-art Rush Medical Campus on the near west side, and worked to see that over 500 jobs were available for local residents.

The Roosevelt University vertical campus at 425 South Wabash, Trader Joe’s at State and Roosevelt, Costco at 15th and Ashland, and Target at Jackson & Racine demonstrate just some of the construction and permanent jobs Alderman Fioretti has brought to the second ward.  Alderman Fioretti has assisted many small businesses open in the second ward and holds regular job fairs to connect local employers with job seekers.

Alderman Fioretti has also led efforts to combat the problem of “food deserts” on Chicago’s West Side by working to bring Pete’s Fresh Market which has broken ground at Madison and Western and will provide fresh produce and groceries as well as jobs for local residents.

For his efforts in improving and expanding parks in the 2nd Ward, Fioretti received the 2009 “Legislator of the Year” award from Friends of the Parks, a non-profit, Chicago-based park advocacy group. During his tenure as alderman, Fioretti has budgeted city resources to create new parks in the west loop, Printer’s Row and the South Loop and allocated resources towards the renovation of Dunbar park on the south side.

Prior to being elected Alderman, Bob was a seasoned civil litigator, and demonstrated through determination and compassion he was able to achieve results for his clients. In 2006, he settled a case for his client who spent 11.5 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, and was cleared based on DNA evidence. His client soon after received a pardon from the Governor. Bob also served as lawyer for the family of Baby Tamia, which led to changes in Illinois’ adoption law. The Chicago mother of Baby Tamia phoned a toll-free number in a local newspaper for an adoption agency in Utah. The baby was temporarily placed in foster care in Utah to a parent with a prior drug conviction. For several months, Bob worked with state and local officials, and Baby Tamia was returned to her family.

Bob has litigated a wide variety of cases before federal and state administrative law judges as well as in the state and federal courts. He is of counsel to the Firm Wolin & Rosen, LTD. and practices in the areas of governmental law, administrative law, zoning law and complex litigation. For several years, he was partner with the firm of Fioretti & Lower LTD.  He previously spent 15 years in private practice that encompassed environmental law, civil and criminal law, partnership and corporate counseling.

Bob has practiced in the public sector, as the former Senior Supervising Attorney of the General Litigation Division for the Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago. While there, Bob handled and was involved in over 500 civil rights cases. As a result, Bob’s personal trial experiences have led to over 100 state and federal verdicts and appellate court decisions.

Bob earned his law degree from Northern Illinois University (NIU) College of Law, and was a long-standing member of the adjunct faculty at NIU College of Law. He was President of the NIU National Alumni Association and is also Past President of the NIU College of Law Alumni Counsel. He has been a strong advocate in promoting the accessibility of higher education to many Chicago-area students through scholarship and outreach.

Alderman Fioretti is an active member in several civic organizations and has served on numerous boards and committees including serving as Past President of the Historic Pullman Foundation, the Character and Fitness Committee of the Illinois Supreme Court and the Judicial Evaluation Committee of the Chicago Bar Association Executive Committee.

Bob’s roots are in Chicago’s south side. He was born and raised in the Pullman/Roseland area. He is a first generation American whose father came through Ellis Island, moved to Pullman and got a job with the Pullman train car company. Bob received a Pullman scholarship to attend the University of Illinois where he earned his undergraduate degree in Political Science and served as Student Body President his senior year. He graduated from Mendel High School on 111th Street. Bob attended St. Anthony’s Grammar School on Kensington Avenue in the Pullman district, and in 1966 was named one of the youngest Eagle Scout’s in the state’s history.