Police Districts and Beats

In the 2nd Ward we have six Chicago Police Districts. The locations and phone numbers of those district headquarters, as well as the beats encompassed by the 2nd Ward, are:

1st District: 1718 S. State St, 312-745-4290
Beats: 111, 131, 132, 133, 134

2nd District: 5101 S. Wentworth Ave, 312-747-8366
Beat: 211

11th District: 3151 W. Harrison St, 312-748-8386
Beats: 1124, 1125, 1135

12th District: 100 S. Racine Ave, 312-746-8396
Beats: 1211, 1213,1224, 1231

13th District: 937 N. Wood St, 312-746-8350
Beats:1331, 1332

21st District: 300 E. 29th St, 312-747-8340
Beat: 2112

Many residents are unaware of the numerous resources they have to keep up with safety and security issues in their neighborhood. Everyone who has a stake in their neighborhood should be fully informed on how to communicate with their Police District and meet the officers who patrol their streets.

The CAPS (Community Alternative Policing Strategy) program is the best resource we can use to stay informed. Monthly beat meetings give residents the opportunity to draw the police’s attention to issues they feel are important and to converse with the police personnel assigned to their neighborhoods.

I am proud to say that all of the Beat Meetings that are completely in the 2nd Ward boundaries are attended by my staff.